1. Love of Learning for Life

Learning at CFS is robust and individualized, within a whole-family care framework. The curriculum emphasizes the value of community, family, and self-growth. Instruction is hands-on and experiential, including multiple field experiences to engage students and reinforce key concepts. These elements align with a child’s natural curiosity to foster an enthusiastic love of learning for life, and the passion necessary to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

2. Positive Child Development

CFS believes, “If you can reach the child, you can teach the child”. By providing positive psychology strategies and trauma informed practice, the school ensures each child is given the opportunity to learn and grow. The whole-family care model emphasizes the need to identify and build on each child’s unique greatness. Culturally responsive strategies help students find meaning in their learning. Character development is infused into the curriculum to help build traits that lead to life-long success.

3. Value in Relationships

At CFS, students and parents are valued. They have a voice and participate in the learning model. Relationships are fostered through transparent and open discussions that foster trust, healthy debate, and strong accountability. All stakeholders help design and implement the curriculum that focuses on community, family, and self-growth, as well as, regular parent and teacher empowerment activities during the school year.

4. Place-Based Exploration

Students explore the wonder of the resources “under foot” including North Hartford historical landmarks, city parks, local museums, outdoor gardens, and other community-based assets. Students learn to value and sustain the natural world, just outside the classroom doors. And, as students are exposed to the larger world it sparks the mind, instills hope, and inspires a vision for the future by creating critical thinking opportunities and motivating the learner within.

5. Community First

CFS partners with local non-profits, community-based organizations, corporations, and residents to provide specialized family support and student opportunities. Community partners support CFS by providing their expertise in character development, field learning experiences, health and nutrition services, and visual and performing arts.

“We don’t want to be better.. we want to be different.”

– Executive Director, Tim Goodwin