Or mail a check to: Community First School Inc., 50 Love Lane, Hartford, CT 06112.

On behalf of Community First School Inc. I would like to thank you for your generous donation.

Community First School will continue to advance its mission to provide a whole family care, relationship-based school for children and families growing up in North Hartford. We believe that by partnering with the community we can empower children to own their greatness, and become passionate, independent learners able to compete, collaborate, and innovate in a diverse world.

Thanks to your support we opened for students in August of 2020. We are excited to be in our fourth year providing an educational experience that involves, culturally relevant activities, field experiences, community partnerships, use of technology, and social/emotional “check ins”. Our one-of-a-kind model, selects the best resources and ideas and aligns them with the context of the students served.

Once again, thank you for your generous support and for partnering with us to imagine the best education for North Hartford’s children and families.