Community – The local community is a village, with the ability to teach students about historical greatness, and how to embrace ethnicity and culture. The village provides the tools for success, and the opportunity to develop them.

Family – The school is an extension of family in the best sense of the word. The family seeks to build up and be inclusive. All cultures are respected and embraced. It is committed to a hands-on, relevant, and engaging classroom experience, one that appeals to a sense of progress.

Self – Each student is unique and special, created by design to accomplish great things. Everyone can learn and has a significant and uplifting purpose in the family, community and greater world. It is expected that students will seek and find purpose in learning and make a contribution to the greater good.

Context over Content – CFS highly values the cultural context of those it serves. Families and students are affirmed in their cultural connections and the learning environment is culturally inviting, with the goal of global citezenship.

Individualized Learning Plans – All families and students work collaboratively with teachers to create an Individualized Learning Plan that takes into account parent experience, student preference, and family learning goals and outcomes.

Whole Family Care puts the whole child and family at the center of the educational process. Students and parents are supported, empowered, and given voice in learning. We seek to serve children and families, based upon identified needs. This includes meals (breakfast, lunch, and a family dinner),  parent support meetings, and connections to health and wellness services.

Place-Based Learning – Family members are invited to participate in field experiences and project-based lessons. Important discoveries are made in collaboration with community partners such as Keney Park Sustainability Project, The Friends of Keney Park, Ebony Horsewomen and many more.

Learning is Relationship Based – We work to build life-long relationships with children and their families, and teachers meet students where they are in their development.

Families Take Ownership – School decisions are not made without student and family input as they actively engage in the learning process. Families are given choice, and voice in the how and why of learning.

Community Events – CFS holds regular community events to promote whole family care and provide fun learning opportunities for children, families, and others in the local community.

CFS is a no suspension school – When community norms are broken a series of graduated interventions are implemented. Suspensions, both inside and outside are not an option.